What We Did:

User Guides

The Company:

Vonigo is a service and franchise management software company that provides their customers help all using one simple and secure cloud-based platform. Pena worked closely with Vonigo in implementing a self-help desk filled with all the user guides one could ever need.

The Approach:

Available on both browser and mobile applications, Vonigo covers a wide range of much needed services. With so much to go through, it can be overwhelming. To help reduce confusion, Pena created thorough user guides complete with labeled images and follow-along gifs. We provided specific manuals that eased newcomers onto the platform's many services.

The Results:

Pena developed a full-fledged yet maintainable knowledge base for Vonigo, effectively reducing the time and effort needed for customer support with basic solutions. Customers can now rest easy knowing that help is one article away.

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