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What we did:

User Guide

The Company:

Skype is a Microsoft brand that specializes in Internet Protocol (IP)-based audio, video, and text communications. It also provides the ability to make calls to landlines and mobile phones using prepaid debit cards, as well as instant messaging and file transfer. Instead of using Skype for Business Online, businesses can now use Microsoft® Teams, which is the company’s new professional online meeting solution.

The Approach:

We created some docs for the Skype for Business PowerShell cmdlet docs. Skype for Business cmdlets serves as the CLI for managing and administering servers and services. The documentation included everything related to Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business PowerShell Help.

The Results:

We have successfully delivered clear Documentation for Skype for Business with recent updates and releases. Our API Documentation helped users in managing and administering features provided with easy-to-use instructions and guides.