RPA Labs


What We Did:

API Documentation

The Company:

RPA Labs is a software solution company that provides service solutions in robotic process automation for companies in supply chain and logistics. They automate conversations, documents, and workflows with pre-built Software Bots designed for these logistics and supply chain companies.

The Approach:

When first coming to Pena for help, RPA Labs only had API documentation in a PDF format back then. Pena provided improvements to RPA Labs’ API documentation by moving their work from PDF over to Archbee, a third party technical writing platform we researched and suggested, to give their API documentations a cleaner and more professional look. We also added some new sections and added an automatic GraphQL playground so that users can immediately try out the available endpoints for themselves on their own API documentations.

The Results:

Pena was able to help RPA Labs in turning their incomplete and uninformative PDF-based API documentation into a more readable and accessible online document. Their new sections and GraphQL playground gives their customers the added satisfaction of knowing that RPA Labs’ products are suitable for them by trying it out firsthand with less time spent on looking through a complicated pile of PDF paragraphs.

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