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What we did:

API Documentation
User Guide

The Company:

Prepr was established in 2016 as a simple content management system (CMS) for media companies; since then, it has grown into a sophisticated solution relied on by content teams all around the world. To meet the specific requirements of news organizations and television networks, they developed a content management system (CMS) for multichannel publication.

The Approach:

For Prepr's Event Data, our team created a workflow that is structured, organized, and well-driven. Every event has a type, the time it happened, the customer who made it happen, and if you want, some metadata. Either the Prepr Tracking Code or the REST API can be used to make events. The API documentation that was made was easy to understand because it covers all of the necessary terms, codes, and functions.

The Results:

We developed Prepr Documentation for its Event Data. It covers the information and guides on how to capture customer data and track interactions. Our clear and concise writing, it helped users to understand using data for segmentation, optimization, and personalization.