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What we did:

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The Company:

Oxla is the Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) solution from Poland. They enable scalable, reliable, and faster data processing than the other OLAP solutions. Oxla uses big data analytics and approaches the speed of commercial database management to robust customers' business.

The Approach:

Before, Oxla already had documentation on Confluence. The documentation contains concepts, ideas, and references in the development and use of Oxla solutions. Oxla implements SQL functions, which is why they also create SQL reference documents in PDF files. Yet, the document only briefly describes all the functions and queries used.

The Results:

We revamped their documentation and combined the theory in Confluence and the SQL reference in the PDF file. Now, Oxla has online documentation with exclusive designs we made only for Oxla. SQL references that used to be ordinary are now extraordinary, with use cases that are clear and easy for users to follow.