OCR Labs


What We Did:

API and SDK Documentation, User Guides

The Company:

OCR Labs is an identity verification company based in Australia. Their fully-automated verification process provides quick results using their human-centric design and integration systems. Our work for them included the whole package; API, SDK documentation, user guides and all.

The Approach:

Pena boosted OCR Labs with the necessary tools needed to take their company to the next level with our full attention towards the finer details and final product. We looked into their systems, personally tested, and worked on providing the technical resources and words needed to combine and explain their biometric verification, remote VOI, and time-saving technology together to deliver a powerful end product.

The Results:

Pena has transcended the user understanding and experience ever since the first implementation. We continue to work on adding important components and the smaller details with OCR Labs to perfect the groundbreaking technology that will truly change verification processes with utmost speed and security.

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