What We Did:

API Documentation

The Company:

Mojito is a global NFT software platform that puts accessibility and ease of use at the forefront of their company. With their tokenized customer engagement, rapid growth in community, and their vision in introducing blockchain to the mainstream, Mojito requested Pena's help in tying the knot to make their mission a reality.

The Approach:

Mojito needed our help with API documentation, so we gave them our full support as well as a hand in their weekly meeting minutes to maximize their ability in developing new NFT marketplaces. In order for users to sell NFTs from their own storefronts and websites, users first need to be able to access everything without scourging the site for technical support. Pena added to and combined everything in Mojito's software together to promote their accessible and navigable platform.

The Results:

Pena's clean coding has greatly improved Mojito's ability to focus on helping their users from strategy and management to design and integration, to even marketing. Our API documentation has also allowed for industry-leading brands and IP holders to continue taking advantage of the present and future of cryptocurrency, further allowing Mojito to excel as a company and continue helping in the development of Sotheby's new digital NFT marketplace.

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