What We Did:

User Guides

The Company:

FICX is a no-code platform based in San Francisco that focuses on automating any customer processes. They develop ways to provide consistent digital self-service and put it into the hands of their customers. FICX needed us to create understandable how-to guides to introduce the general public to the world of drag-and-drop system creation.

The Approach:

Pena has developed and is continuing to develop a plethora of User Guides for FICX with a mission to promote the ideal world of no-code application creation made easy. Multiple drafts meet multiple reviews as we give our all in delivering quick and concise manuals for customers, making their product more accessible and direct.

The Results:

We continue to provide FICX with the needed technical writing support, speeding up the process of which users get used to and get creative with using the no-code platform aimed to maximize the user experience.

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