What We Did:

User Guides

The Company:

Draftbit, the Chicago-based, offers users the easiest, fastest, least time-consuming way to develop native mobile applications. You can work your way up from simple block templates to source coding on your own to create cross-platform apps on both iOS and Android. As part of their initiative to increase usability, they worked with Pena to develop user guides that were easy to understand and easy to implement.

The Approach:

Pena developed various user guides for Draftbit, increasing clarity and providing direct help for their native mobile application. From drafts to details, we made sure to perfect everything from sentence structure and grammar to punctuation and formatting. We communicated every step of the way to complete satisfactory results.

The Results:

Draftbits’ new knowledge base has greatly helped the community learn about the basic how-tos, latest features and other quick tips, ensuring a smooth transition to using Draftbits’ pro-code software.

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