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What we did:

API Documentation

The Company:

Dock is a provider of Verifiable Credentials that offers Dock Certification, a no-code platform that helps businesses issue, maintain, and validate fraud-proof credentials in a secure and cost-effective way. Dock facilitates the production and dissemination of trusted information by enabling its use by both organizations and individuals. It covers many business fields, including health and safety, government, workforce, education, supply chain, and Web3.

The Approach:

Pena created Dock's API Documentation and its Swagger UI to provide a concise and clear guide and complete solution. This documentation covers adequate information for creating, managing, and presenting Verifiable Credentials.

The Results:

We have created the most complete, reliable, structured, organized, and easy-to-use for customers. We provided great details on the documentation using necessary codes, simulations, and test runs. As a result, it helped customers to get a better understanding of the Dock Certification.