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What we did:

Technical Whitepaper

The Company:

Dialog Semiconductor is a semiconductor-based system solution supplier. To power internet and industrial 4.0 applications, Dialog is a leading manufacturer of both standard and custom ICs. Dialog offers Battery Management, Bluetooth® low energy, Wi-Fi, Flash Memory, and Configurable Mixed-signal ICs.

The Approach:

Pena creates a comprehensive paper for Dialog Semiconductor, outlining the specifics of the Automatic Railway Gate application idea proposal. Pena makes sure the technical whitepaper on the proposal for application concepts provides thorough information that any member of the Dialog team can comprehend.

The Results:

Pena has successfully presented a technical whitepaper detailing the requirements for the proposal, the idea description, the market value, and more, all of which are needed for Dialog employees to propose an application idea. The information in the technical white paper is laid out in a clear and concise style that makes it accessible to Dialog's employees.